Personal server


Details about my personal server, mostly for my reference.

I’m running a Hetzner server running located in Helsinki, FI. Based on personal experience, I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a server yourself.

The server (named luna because even servers need names) has 4 cores, 8GB RAM and 160GB SSD storage. It runs Debian 11 (my preferred server distribution thanks to widespread support and release cadence). I use Caddy as a reverse proxy, as Nginx is too much of a pain. Python and BASH scripts to keep things running, and systemd services and cron jobs run those scripts when necessary. I use Docker containers when possible to avoid dependency hell and isolate config files from application files. This also helps me back up my config files and other data as required. I plan on uploading my scripts to a Git repo when I have the time, for redundancy and to automate things down the line.

I share the server with my friend Silvy, who maintains and hosts a few Discord bots for the community of some obscure Flash game (yes, Adobe Flash in 2022, don’t ask).

The following applications do not require authentication, and can be used by anyone:

The following applications require authentication (contact me if you need access):

The following applications are for server use: